21 June 2012

Etsy Cool Wrap Bracelets For Summer

With over 63,000 wrap bracelets found on Etsy this week it was truly impossible for me to get through all of them. So I randomly jumped through a variety of pages and liked very much what I found. Since I am thinking and loving so much about wrapped and stacked bracelets this summer I thought I would share a few goodies with you.

At these links you can find two other posts about stacked bracelets I posted last month - first some of my favorite photos and DIY tutorials  and second, a mixing and matching tutorial. Now here is some gorgeous new eye candy and inspiration to wrap your wrists in this summer.

1) Anchor Wrap Bracelet - The anchor symbol holds a very special place in my heart right now. I like the simplicity of this pretty waxed cotton wrap.

image via Pinterest

2) Silver & Bead Leather Wrap - I am cuckoo crazy for this bracelet. Unfortunately it's not available anymore, so I couldn't find any info about it on Etsy. But when I found it on Pinterest it stopped me in my tracks. But I had to share it because it is so lovely.

3) Leather Happy Wrap Bracelet - How can you not love a bracelet that reminds you to be happy in such a pretty way every time you look down. These beautiful bracelets are made by Betsy and Stephen Carr in Asheville, North Carolina.

4) Whale Tail Bracelet - Love the combinations fo materials and colors on this beauty. I'm always a sucker for a nice big charm on a wrapped bracelet and even better if it's a nautical theme. This is made by KesT Designs in Israel.

5) Hammered Infinity Bracelet - Perhaps it's because it's the week of Midsummer my very favorite holiday in Scandinavia, but I'm realizing that many of these bracelets have a definitely Scandinavian feel to them, this one most of all. I love the combination of strength and simplicity this wrap exudes. Made by Marina's Soul, Austin, TX.

Have you made or purchased any favorite wrap bracelets this summer. Post a link to a photo below. I would love to see what your wrists are sporting this summer! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Terence said...

Very beautiful and lovely photos.

mmarinaa said...

These are indeed all the rage right now. I haven't got one yet, but I dare say I will before the summer is up!

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