04 March 2013

30 Day Reorganization Project Update #2

Well the first thing I have learned about my 30-day home reorganization project is that I'm not going to get it all done in thirty days. But I am trying to stay on that schedule and do two projects every day that I can. I don't mind if it will take a little longer because I started the project a few months before The Man comes home, so I have plenty of time.

Reality is that on days where I am out of the house all day working on projects and other commitments it's just not going to be a day to do the organization project too. But that's okay. When I have time I try to do three projects instead of the assigned two projects. So I'm making progress anyway.

Here are a few lessons I have learned this week.

1) The Worst Part -- The worst part of the reorganization of any space is dealing with all the small things and the things that aren't going back into that space. It's easy to tear everything out, wipe it down and put the big stuff back in. That takes almost no thought and is super quick. It's dealing with all the little tiny things that have to be put somewhere else, recycled, thrown away, etc. And there are decisions that have to be made with every one of those little items. This is where it can get overwhelming.

2) The "Just Pick Two" Survival Plan -- When I have everything back into my newly cleaned space and  I want to be done but realize I have a bunch of little junk to get rid of or move to a better spot I want to run away. Instead I made a plan to just pick two things and deal with them. Then pick two more. That way I'm just choosing two things out of the pile to deal with instead of looking at the whole pile at once. Pretty soon the little pile is gone and done with.

3) The "One At A Time" Daily List -- I have learned to pick one project, then do it, then pick my second project then do it and if I have time pick a third and do it. One day last week I picked three things right off the bat and I started looking at all three of them and then felt the world start to spin and all I wanted to do is run away.

It seems the emotion of running away from home and deep cleaning/reorganization are very powerfully connected to one another. It is easy to get overwhelmed and hate this project. I have learned that happens if I try to do too much. If I stick to two or three per day, I stay perfectly sane about it all. But if I spend too much time, thought or energy on it one day, I start getting grumpy very quickly. Pacing is very important!

4) It's Easy -- Doing a little bit each day or each week really is so easy. It's amazing how much I have gotten done and except for in brief moments of panic it has not been at all overwhelming. When I'm done with my projects I am mentally/emotionally ready to be done and move onto something else. Any little by little the house is looking better and better.

There is an amazing amount of satisfaction in checking items off a list. It's nice to see my list starting to have more and more things crossed off, X-ed out and highlighted as done. This week I have checked off the bathroom medicine cabinet, all three lower bathroom cabinets, two nightstands, and jewelry drawers. Things are looking good and it's definitely easier to keep things clean when they are well organized. I continue to find I am creating a lot of empty space everywhere I go. That is the greatest success of all.

Are you getting the Spring Cleaning bug? What is the worst project you dread in your house? Is there something you've been avoiding for years? What's your plan to get it done this spring or summer?

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