22 March 2013

The Need To Anticipate Spring Will Always Be Busy

A few days ago as I was writing the post about celebrating The Bug's birthday I realized for the first time that I had just better always expect that Spring will be a little bit, let's find a positive word for it, how about energetic, around our home.

Here's how things go from Valentine's Day to Memorial Day.

February: Valentine's Day & President's Weekend
March: Bug's Birthday, five 1/2 school days for Parent Teacher Conferences, St. Patrick's Day, one to two weeks of Spring Break & sometimes Easter
April: The Man's birthday, My Dad's birthday & sometimes Easter
May: Mother's Day, My Birthday & Memorial Day Weekend

It doesn't look like much on paper but when you have a holiday or birthday every other week it gets a little crazy in the scheduling and planning department. And my official title in these parts might as well be Executive Vice President of Scheduling and Planning because planned celebrations & fun are mostly all my calendaring and actualizing. Daddy is full of fun too, but his plans are usually last minute with little planning in advance - which is often quite lovely. So we get a good balance of life planned and life impromptu.

Another challenge to having all our birthdays within nine weeks of each other is that come late May when I put the candles & other birthday supplies away we don't need them for TEN more months. Good luck trying to remember where you put everything. I was a little panicked five minutes before cake and candles time when the box of candles wasn't where I expected and I couldn't find it anywhere. Eventually I found it tucked underneath a bowl. Why I don't know... We are still using birthday plates and hats from packs we bought 4 years ago since our parties are only for three people each year. This year I'm going to do a little better remembering to put everything together in one place so it's all easier to find.

So from now on, I am going to be sure not to take on too much additional activity during the first six months of the year. It seems The Man is also usually traveling a bit during this time for work so that's another wrinkle in the schedule and more weight on the bearings. But I'm glad I'm learning this lesson about Spring now. I hope recognizing now the need for simplicity every Spring will keep me a little more rested in years to come. I am also going to remember to look forward to and enjoy Spring more because there are a lot of special family days in this season each year.

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noelle said...

Oh hey!
Glad to find you here, and I'm glad I'm not the only one overwhelmed by spring events and birthdays.
I realized ON St. Patrick's day that I had never put up the decorations, I still haven't dug out Easter decor. Luckily, the kids aren't really worries about the oversight!
I've got you on my radar now- you might get sick of me!!

kalanicut said...

Noelle, so glad to have you come by. Please do come again. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a busy Spring season.

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