26 March 2013

Tuesday Quick Tip: Lash Lengthening Mascara

image via Maybelline

Thought I would pass on a little quick tip I got from a very young, sassy military girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, now that I have tried it. She was saying how people always ask her if she has false lashes because her lashes look so long. She said it's all thanks to Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Mascara.

Well, since both my sisters give me a bad time about having "short" lashes, merely because my lashes are not as long and lush as their's are. This has had me thinking about what I can do for my lashes for a while. So I was definitely interested in this tip from sassy military girlfriend.

I picked up a tube of Black/Brown at Target and tried to follow Sassy's instructions. She said she applies it to both the top side and under side of her top lashes. I have yet to master that tip. When I try to apply it to the top of my upper lashes it seems to just straighten every bit of curl I've just put into my lashes. Curling them after doesn't seem to work since it breaks down the lengthening fibers to crimp them in the curler. Will continue to experiment on that.

But so far I have really liked this mascara and it definitely makes my lashes look longer. I wish I could get it in a straight brown because I feel like even black/brown looks too heavy and dark on me sometimes. I definitely want to try it in the waterproof version because my eyes water a lot and I have just always done better with waterproof mascara. Of course taking it off can be very hard on the lashes. So there's a trade off there.

But if you're looking to add to the length of your lashes this is a nice way to do it for a great price. Prices vary by two or three dollars from different retailers. The lowest price I saw was at WalMart. So if you try it let me know what you think.

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