20 March 2013

Breathing Space - Winter Beach

I had to make a quick, last minute trip to San Diego on Saturday. I got up and out pretty early and then by noon I didn't really know what to do with myself. I could just head for home after two hours or I could stay for a while. I was having a total stupor of thought about it and then just asked myself, what would be most appropriate in terms of self-care. So I took myself to the movies. I sat in a theater with three noisy old people who wouldn't stop talking loudly. But it was a movie I'd been wanting to see for a few months so that was great. 

I was tired of the car after spending hours in the car Friday evening and then again Saturday morning. So I decided a nice long walk on the beach would probably do wonders for that scenario. Can you see downtown San Diego peeking over the tops of the trees on the golf course? I love that view. This Coronado beach is just one of the places on earth closest to my heart. Such beautiful views in every direction.

So I enjoyed a couple of hours of Mother Nature's wonders, big and small. The weather report had promised sunny skies, but it was mostly overcast. But it was fine weather for a barefoot walk in rolled up jeans and a sweater. The weather reminded me a bit of my beach walks in Virginia last year. I can't believe it's already been more than a year since that trip already. Life is going by too, too fast.

This is a pretty long stretch of beach so a walk across it to the water and then up the beach, down the beach and back takes a while. It's the perfect walk. It's impossible to complete it without having allowed the rhythms and pace of the ocean to over take you, clear your thoughts and bring you to the present moment. Ahhh.

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morymc said...

Your pics make me wish I had more me/free time and that I lived near a beach. Maybe one day! But for now I will enjoy my beautiful mountains and look forward to vacation time!

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