28 March 2013

Brightening Up Home With Inexpensive Plants

After writing posts about the ability of houseplants to clean and filter the air in your home and about rooting Devil's Ivy (aka Pothos) I thought I would share with you how I have used my cuttings and little tiny plants I bought around the house as they have grown.

Since I have been spending very little on actually buying plants and have been very thrifty about pot purchases I have a lot of plants in my home now and continue to be able to just buy a couple larger pots now and then and the reuse all my smaller and mid-size pots as things outgrow them. I have a little potting table on my patio where I can keep a large bag of potting soil (only about $8) and to keep recyclable pots and some tools.

I have quite a few plants that I cut from my original Devil's Ivy plant. I regularly give my bigger plants a "haircut" so that the main body of the plant grows robustly and fills in thickly, rather than letting individual strands grow too long which drain energy and nutrients from the base of the plant. Anytime I have a strand that has grown more than about a foot long, I trim it, cut it up into multiple cuttings and then just drop it in a pretty clear glass vase to root. Super easy, doesn't cost a thing. There is no care needed for the cuttings other than making sure they have water in the vase. All the info is here.
The plants in the green pots are ones that I bought for maybe two dollars at IKEA a couple of years ago. They were tiny. I have continued to transplant them and they have really grown. I found two of these fun, sassy green, purple and blue ceramic pots at TJMaxx for $9.99 each just a few weeks ago that I transplanted two of these little plants into. They are such a fun, spunky color pop for my living room which tends to be quite dark due to lack of light and and darker furniture.

I search for great deals for pots. I have found the best pots lately for $9-14 at TJMaxx, Marshalls and Ross. I have also added a couple of these white pots from IKEA (in a much larger size) which look really great with a big, beautiful Devil's Ivy in them. The green and white is such a Springy combination. There is no reason to be paying $30-40 for a pot unless it's one that you really are in love with and are willing to invest it. 

With cool pots and healthy green plants I've been able to add a lot of personality and depth to the decor of my home for very little money.  It's a win, win, win: free or very inexpensive plants, great bargains on beautiful, personality-filled pots and cleaner air.

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