21 March 2013

Five Fast Fixes To Make Home More Livable

Some days you just need a little home refresh to pick up the spirits and help you feel more encouraged about life. Here are five fast things you can do to improve the look and the way you feel about your home. These are great tips if you find out you are suddenly having visitors, just wake up feeling "blah" about life or need motivation and quick accomplishment.

1) Make your bed. Make it look clean, inviting and cared for. It's one of the major places you spend your time. It should be welcoming, not an eyesore.

2) Straighten up your living room furniture. Shake and straighten cushions and pillows. Arrange them nicely. This is a fast task, but has an amazing effect on the feel of the living room.

3) Dust. With a handheld dusting tool ( I like Swiffer) you can desk your entire house very quickly.

4) Sweep, vacuum or mop. Clean floors and carpets make a huge difference to the overall feel of cleanliness in a home.

5) Add a few blooms. Buy a handful of inexpensive fresh flowers. I always like Gerber Daisies because the big blooms last a good week usually. In bud vases, put one near your kitchen sink, on the bathroom vanity or your dresser, near the front entryway and on your kitchen table or counter. This will instantly cheer you and your home up.

Five simple things you can do in just a few minutes to spruce things us and make home feel happy and welcoming. Some days you just need a little tweak to perk things up around the place.

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