08 March 2013

Follow Up: When You Can Do No More

This is a follow up to this post I wrote a couple of weeks ago talking about how sometimes you do all you can for your loved ones and then you just have to step back because your help ceases to be helpful anymore. Then you have to trust that God will send help, that others will have the words necessary and their actions that can carry forth the work you started.

I had to write a quick follow up to say that I took my own advice, followed the inspiration of my heart. And the results were just as I'd hoped. Everything turned around, peace was found. Others did feel the call to step in, provide care and support. Prayers of many were answered. Progress was made even when I took a back seat.

That's a tough thing to do when we see someone we love suffering. But sometimes, especially when our heart keeps telling us that we should, stepping back with a hopeful prayer in our heart is exactly the right thing to do. So when you get the sense that this is what you should do and it comes again and again, trust it, follow it and then let things unfold just as they are meant to. The surprising results will bring you peace too and help you keep trusting that beautiful, strong, guiding voice inside.

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