30 September 2011

Friday Favorites - Best of DIY Projects

I thought I would do a little round up today of some of my favorite projects from the past two years. Unbelievably at the end of this month it will be kalanicut's 2-year-anniversary. Amazing. It's so crazy to look back and see how prehistoric things looked and how much less I knew when I started. It's also encouraging to see progress, good response and feel I have found my voice in many ways.

Best of all I love my connection with you the readers. Some of you are grand real-life friends now, some of you are friends and family that I stay in better touch with because of this blog and some of you are blog friends whose influence & delightfulness I cherish. If you are here for the first time I welcome you, new friend.

Now here's a fun look back at some of my favorite DIY projects I've made:

My Handbag Line - I have not made bags for a while, but love these
Favorite Shoulder Bags - ditto
Baby Slippers - for friends
Pelmet Box #1
My $5 Bench
Upholstered Headboard -  for my lovely parents
Cane Chairs
My Dream Bread Bowl
Fall Jewelry
Jewelry Tray

It was so interesting that after my inspiring night last night I was just on fire all day today creatively. It's been a while since I have had that much energy and it was so fun to feel to connected with myself and so energized about doing things that inspire me. I am getting into a nice daily routine of inspirational reading, journaling and to-do list making which is so very helpful in maintaining a hopeful, organized attitude about the day.

Hope you've had a good week and wish you the best of weekends. See you back here Monday. Have lots to share next week. Happy Friday!

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Congratulations, on two years.


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