28 September 2011

Quick Tip - Take Advantage of Coupons

As I've been going through my secondary email account where I have all my retail store emails sent, I am looking at the number of fantastic coupons I get from places like Michael's craft store and Joann Fabric and how that could help my event planning budget. If I were to take advantage of these coupons for medium to large purchases on a regular basis it save an amazing amount of money.

Here's an example. I was in a specialty retailer recently. They have some fantastic things you just aren't going to find in a mainstream mass retail store. But there was one piece of equipment I needed that was about $25. I knew it would be available at either Michaels or Joann Fabric and with a coupon I could easily get it for half that price. So I waited to purchase that little item and will pick it up on my next trip to either of those big retailers. Another great spot to look for coupons for wedding planning is the bridal magazines. You can often find 20% off your complete purchase coupons in the pages there.

I often get great coupons from Utrecht art supply. They carry quite a few products you might use for wedding planning. Aaron Brothers would also be a great shop to watch for great deals from if you will be buying frames. Subscribing to weekly coupons to any shop you plan to regularly shop or know you'll need some more costly items from can you big money if you are willing to plan your purchases a bit and watch for savings opportunities.

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