23 September 2011

Preview - Fall Fashions For The Mantle

Here's a little peek at work going on for the new Fall 2011 mantle decor. My 2 1/8 inch whole punch, glue stick, scissors and I are busy whipping up a few pumpkins for a new bunting. Getting the shape just right has been a little tricky so far. Still working on perfecting where I need to snip to make them look quite right.

I also have a couple of bags of dollar store pumpkins and gourds waiting. I'm debating on doing a little spray paint work on them with some of this new fangled Krylon glitter spray paint that's been all the rage the past couple of weeks online. Or I will put to use a little glue and my 100+ bottles of Martha Stewart Glitter in every size and shape available to mankind. Wondering why I would own so much glitter? I had a 24-pack of my own, then won one of every kind of multi-pack from a very lovely Martha Stewart Twitter giveaway. I have a LOT of glitter. Thanks Martha! Big kiss.

By Monday I am hoping we'll have something fun and new to show you that will last right through until Thanksgiving. Have a fantastic weekend!

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