21 September 2011

Ideas for Holiday Cards 2011

image via Paper Source

After a few weeks of trying, I finally got an extended visit to the Paper Source in my neighborhood. I probably rounded the store at least five times, but I really got to look at every corner and everything I had been wanting to check out. I learned a lot too in my conversations with the helpful, friendly staff.

I decided to check out all the embossing supplies and got a lot of help learning about what everything does. I also started thinking about Holiday 2011 cards. I am always inspired by Stepmodo to start preparing for the holidays in July or August. While I was  looking at all the paper goods I decided to check out the holiday stamps. Thought I'd share a few of my favorites. I'm envisioning some fun papers, much like I did last year with a pretty little square with a lovely, sparkly embossed stamp this time. Here are some that caught my eye.

image via Paper Source

I completely adore the tree at the top of this post. How gorgeous is that? Such beautiful, fine detail. Love this square above. It captures so many sentiments in such a creative way. The beautiful script on this stamp below charmed me. I'm still thinking about it. It would be so beautiful on a metallic, glittery embossed card.

image via Paper Source

Love it! These trees are so petite and charming. I do quite love them. Wouldn't they be so beautiful in dark gray on a white card, or white on a dark gray card? They would also be beautiful in so many green hues or each tree a different color. The fine details are so perfect.

image via Paper Source

It's a great time to get the Christmas cards made. Once they are all put together, stamped and addressed, writing the greetings inside will be a treat come holiday season. Even if you don't want to make your own cards, it's a great time to get the best selection of choices at fine retailers or order your own personalized cards. Get your cards addressed and stamped now and that's two big things you won't have to deal with come the holidays. Are you working on any holiday projects now? What colors and styles are you thinking for the upcoming season?

I'll have more treasures to share with you from my extended visit to Paper Source. It's such a great store with the absolute best of paper goods.

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