06 September 2011

The Man Makes A Clothes Pin Doll

Had to share with you the clothes pin doll that The Man made on Saturday afternoon with a lot of direction and supervision from a certain five year old. Yes, she is a woman and knows how to boss people around. Haa-haa.

I immediately thought Moses, The Bug says it's Noah with his ark. All I know is that this biblical man has a lot of pretty clothes pin girls to hang out with now. He's one lucky man. I was very pleased to see The Man sit down and do something creative for a while. He often talks about trying to find time to do creative things between managing all the stuff of life.  Any time he is able to carve out a few minutes makes me quite happy.

He is incredibly talented as an artist with a portfolio of beautiful drawings he did when he was younger. Now days much of his art is for The Bug including amazingly lifelike clay models of dogs, animal drawings and now clothes pin dolls. He is even amazingly talented at making breed specific hand shadows on the wall. I'm still hoping he'll make me a beautiful painting some day.

Glad to get everyone involved in this project. It was so fun to see what each person came up with and how unique everyone's creations are. I adore that. Doing art projects together is a great way to encourage creativity and that's good for brains and souls of all ages.

You can see the design inspiration that got us started on this project here.

image by kalanicut

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Noah looks awesome -- he's rocking a pretty stylish sash there! I love it when the guys do creative things like this. Must have been really fun to watch.

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