28 January 2010

Artwork Week Day Five

It's DAY FIVE of ARTWORK WEEK on kalanicut.

It's the last day of ARTWORK WEEK and it's been a great opportunity to rummage through the photo archives and be reminded of cool projects that have crossed my work area and out the door. It's also percolated my creative thoughts and I am thinking a lot about fun projects to work on for the future.

Right now I'm thinking about Valentine's Day. Sweet little gifts for sisters and friends, sugar cookies and something cool and handmade for a lovely man. I've challenged him that we make each other something for Valentine's Day - he has many artistic talents so this leaves him a wide creative berth. But also challenges me to come up with something good.

Today's creative offering is baby slippers. These are tricky to make in small sizes but so very fun to conceptualize and see in the finished form.

 Have a great weekend! Next week, unless a more powerful inspiration comes my way, it's going to be SIMPLE PLEASURES week here!

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