16 September 2011

Wedding Inspirations - Green and White

Last weekend when I found myself in my second home of San Diego, suddenly with no plans or people to hang out with, I decided to make use of my time and the joy of being somewhere vastly easier and quicker to run around town in than Los Angeles. It was the ideal moment to hit all the stores I could looking at wedding stuff.

Still a bit foggy about how to approach all this, I had a great conversation with my sister the night before. She's the awesome one who is a wedding photographer and also has a lot of wedding catering experience. I knew she would be a great resource but I still underestimated all the wisdom she had to impart. So helpful! We decided that first priorities are naturally to pick a date, nail down location and get Save The Date cards sent out. We have not yet done the first two, although the conversations are happening. So I decided to think about stationery.

After an hour of browsing wedding invitation books, I was more convinced than ever that I'll DIY ours. I've done a lot of my own graphic design work over the years and my whole career has been based on being able to write things like wording for printed materials. With a little guidance from books, mags and web sites, I should be able to nail that part. So with an idea in my head I headed out to check out all the craft stores have to offer.

I hit two Michael's stores, Papyrus, a JoAnn Fabric, Barnes and Noble, Target and Paper Tales, a paper crafts boutique in Point Loma. I took a lot of inspiration photos on my phone and downloaded them to my computer files. Now I am starting to see some themes come together.

I'm on the lookout for a really great Polynesian inspired green and white paper for the envelope liners. I've found a few nice ones, but so far nothing that I am totally convinced about. I'm thinking about making a cool aisle runner for the ring ceremony at the beach with some simple fabric and the fantastic large leaf stencil I bought last week. I love this stencil and may try to shrink it down a bit for smaller projects.

I also found Ruffledblog classifieds where you can buy used wedding items. I have seen some fantastic stuff there including framed number tables, battery-operated votive candles, glassware and more. I'm definitely keeping my eye on that place.

So that's a roundup of what's been percolating with the planning creativity so far. We'll see what happens in the end. I can't promise you it won't change, but it's definitely beginning to be fun to do a little scheming and so far a very little spending. I think my total expenditures so far are about $25. That is not including a goody or two I may have hidden in my closet - I'd consider another $25 there. So here's a question for you - Do you have a favorite online store for crafts, paper, stamps or scrapbooking supplies? I'd love to hear about them!

Have a fantastic weekend! It's a lovely time of year, fall for some, spring for others and the usual lovely weather for me and mine here in SoCal. Cheers!
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