19 September 2011

Falling for Knee-length Boden Skirts

images via Boden

If any clothing retailer was going to do something to impress me for Fall 2011, it would be to put out some gorgeous knee-length skirts. Enough with the mid-thigh skirts already. Some of us are over 15, have kids around, in and out of the car all day, are on the go a lot and need clothing that actually covers us on the move or when we bend over to pick something or someone up.

Who is knocking my socks off? Oh, just Boden, AGAIN! Boden you totally rock for making the most amazing clothes for real people with real lives. You give us patterns, appliques, lots of color and options. Not like so many retailers who every season put out a tan, black and gray skirt in one solid color with nothing interesting or personlizing in any way. Here are some of my favorites and you can see them all right here. Applause for Boden!

Let's all shop for fall, shall we!

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My girls wear Boden a lot . . . they always shop the sales and they always look adorable.


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