06 June 2011

10 Things That Make Life Great

As I was cleaning the house Saturday afternoon, I realized that my life feels different. I feel a deep happiness with life, even though it is not all roses and there are increasingly difficult challenges to face as one gets older. I'm not sweatin' the little things. I could not often say this over the past half decade of so. My life had become a series of devotions to things that did not inspire me, did not feed my soul and did not give me time to live a healthy life.

As I thought about why my life if better than ever I began to think of the little things I've been doing in my life that help me enjoy every day and to feel like I am making the most of it. Here's a quick list you might relate to.

1) Fresh flowers in the house - I only spend $3-$8 every 10 days of so. It makes standing at the sink or looking across the room at my dresser so much more sweet and beautiful to see a bloom or two in a bud vase. The Bug loves having a bloom next to her bed. More on that here.

2) Working out - For a million reasons we all know, this is good for body, mind and soul. I'm currently doing Supreme 90 Day.

3) Spending time outside - See God's glorious creations, feel the cool breeze on your face. Forget indoor duties and difficulties. Even 15 minutes a day changes how I feel.

4) Play - If you haven't done this for a while you are missing out! More on that here and here.

5) Creative projects - If I don't make something frequently I begin to feel like a trapped animal in a cage. You can see some things I've made here. I just started a new project two days ago and am looking forward to finishing it up. Lots more ideas percolating. Definitely keeps my mind fresh to be looking for inspiration and making things with my hands.

6) Time with friends and family - Both our families are far away. So we cherish time with them and we're so grateful for our "California Family" and friends here that make life fun and help us remember our blessings.

7) Long, inspiring chats - I have had the chance to have some great meet ups with inspiring women lately. I sat outside Starbucks and chatted with a friend for three hours the other day. It flew by! Best of all when I walked away I felt lighter of soul - inspired and having let go of some fear and burden I was carrying. I was so grateful for the exchange of ideas, emotions and experiences that help me make sense of my world, feel gratitude for my wonderful life, strive to be better and understand that so much of what I experience is universal.

8) Avoiding ruts in routine - I'm constantly trying to find new adventures in our own town. There is so much to see and do here that I have yet to experience. It's so easy to just go to the same restaurants, parks, amusements, museums and beaches. A great way to expand horizons is to ask friends for recommendations.

9) Inspiring reading - I try to surround myself with wise words that will inspire me to be great in big and small ways. Whenever I'm feeling uninspired it's lovely to be able to grab a book & read a favorite chapter or have a daily reading to bring me back to my inspired center.

10) Living in the moment - I have noticed that when I stop and give gratitude or look for the beauty in little tasks each day I feel so much more blessed. Even cleaning the house can be a moment of joy if you think about the blessings of organization and cleanliness that you enjoy. You are in the process of creating and maintaining beauty. It's even easier to feel gratitude cozied up with a loved one, in a beautiful park under a clear blue sky, in a moment of uncontrolled laughter, or when being witness to a beautiful act of love and kindness. It's easy to let these things roll right past you unnoticed if one it too focused on To Do lists, angry in traffic, or stressed out. Slowing down is rarely counterproductive.

What makes you feel rich in your life? What is inspiring your world today?


Terry said...

This is a great list and something that I try to take to heart as well. I have been finding that I am getting lots more outside time (which feels great) but not enough chatting with friends time. You're right to include a nice balance in this list. Love it.

knack said...

as always.....such a great post ....with such great things! Super duper list!

I just signed up for a half marathon! It is in October......but I had totally quit and it feels so good to be running again!


Kelly said...

Amazing post, Kalani. I love your list -- full of accessible ideas, but ones that I too often take for granted. Also, I especially like #7. ;-)

abeachcottage said...

Lovely post and great list. Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and sharing.

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