02 June 2011

Kick & Glide - Xootr Scooters for Grownups

I am happy to see that The Man and I have finally gotten into a habit of relaxing a bit and making clan time important. We've definitely started a good routine for a nice, balanced life this summer. It's amazing how much happier everyone is with some time outside. When we are in the same city, we have been enjoying some kind of nice outdoors activity almost every day.

If you're interested in investing in things that get you and your family outside, get you moving and will burn some calories, have you considered a grown up kick scooter? Now that The Bug is scoot-scoot-scootin' around all over the place, including the living room, I am revisiting the idea of getting a grown-up scooter. They fold up easily (would be great for the car sports bag), could easily be taken on a trip in a suitcase or to make getting around a town on a day trip a little faster.

This beautiful scooter from Xootr is the Ultra Cruz. How much fun would it be to buzz down the bike path or around the park with your kids on this? It definitely brings out the kid in me and it's a nice alternative to the bicycle. I think I'd look much better on this that the tiny pink Hello Kitty Razor Scooter I ride in the living room. Haa-haa. The Ultra Cruz has a handsome, retro appearance, will last a good long while and it's completely unisex in style so dad or mom can easily take the handlebars and feel stylish and grown up and just a speedy at the kiddos.

Would you scooter with your kids or grandkids? Would you use it to get around town on your own? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have a fantastic Thursday! This week flew by, didn't it? Cannot believe it's June. Sending you big love!


John Kim said...

I used to ride one of these to work everyday. Messed up my knees

Kelly said...

You had me at pink Hello Kitty Razor Scooter. You are every kid's dream playmate - aren't you?

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