23 June 2011

Stylish Summer Clothes For The Boys

Jackets & Shoes Make the Man

The Man has a fantastic wardrobe, better than mine, I have to admit. I can attribute that to some phenomenal sale days at The Gap and Banana Republic, that good men's classics last - and that men's fashion is so much less complicated and they are often so much easier to please.

In the past couple of years we've picked up some great pairs of shorts, sweater vests and accessories for him at Ross and Marshalls for under $20 and often bought pants at The Gap for less than $25. When stores have sales on basics like layering tees he'll buy a few in different colors. The one store we're really missing is Martin and Osa, which during it's brief existence offered a fantastic selection of basics that rose above the usual fare in design, color and quality.

Over time it has been easy to plan with him a nice grouping of all the major wardrobe necessities: various styles and weights of pants, shorts, shirts, tees, sweaters and jackets. These days it's just a matter of small updates now and again and when he asks, helping him remember what he has available and what options pair up nicely.

photo via Shoe Buy

This week he picked up these great Skechers Ascoli Piceno sneakers, thinking they would go really well with shorts or lightweight pants for the summer and I agreed completely. I've come to realize that good jackets and shoes really tie his looks together. A good jacket or pair of shoes can take a basic top and bottom pairing to a whole new level of handsome and cool. A blah jacket or sadly outdated pair of shoes can quickly dissolve a look into invisible and boring. Shoes and jackets are a great way for a man to express his personal style.

Do you have a current favorite shoe or jacket for men? Does your man let you help him shop? Is he willing to try new things or is it difficult for you to get him get out of a comfort zone? It can be a tricky business but so worth it when he feels he looks great and you can't stop smiling at how cute he is. With a nice collection of basics with a stylish twist it's easy to put together a great wardrobe for men.

Hope you're having a great day! Happy Weekend Eve - it's almost here!


Laura@JourneyChic said...

This are great ideas and I so wish my hubby would overhaul his weekend wear. He looks great when he's dressed up for work, but on the weekends he goes for comfort alone. He has one pair of jeans in particular that I just want to "accidentally" bleach out in the laundry just to have an excuse to throw them away!

Michelle said...

Simplicity is really awesome and I find it in your blog. I like the shoes in the second photo and I think my father would be happy if I give something like that to him. Big thanks.

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beebayonline said...

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