17 June 2011

Weekend Inspirations

Here are a few little inspirations for your weekend. Hope it's been a lovely week for you. Mine has been lovely and at times a little up and down. Had a wonderful night last night with The Bug and The Man. We went to the Movie "Fee-a-tur" as The Bug calls it. The Man holds my hand in movies. I have loved that since our first date, the first day he took my hand in his. Makes me smile like a shy teenager for some reason. Haa-haa.

Then we wandered and walked around one of our favorite local haunts and had a lovely dinner at our favorite restaurant where we're always greeted warmly. How can you not be happy with bacon wrapped chicken medallions and a plate full of Brazilian beans and rice, pasta, salad, potatoes and zuccini. Delicious. Eating dinner there under the twilight sky, surrounded by skyscrapers is always romantic and lovely. A great way to celebrate Weekend Eve, as I have called Thursdays night since the early 90s. "The weekend party starts at 5 pm Thursday night, but you just have to stop in to work for a "little bit" on Fridays."

Here are a few posts that might inspire your weekend:

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Hope it's a wonderful weekend for you and yours. Sending you BIG love. --K

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