28 June 2011

What Would You Do? Updating Old Art

Asking for your advice on this one. I bought this old painting, which I still quite love, many years ago. It came with the frame, which at first I hated. But then I hung it above a fireplace or two and it worked as is. I often disguised the stains along the bottom behind some other mantle decor. I knew that the linen around the painting was so old that it would completely disintegrate if I tried to spot clean it.

But now that I've moved it away from the dark brick fireplace to an off-white wall it looks really hideous in that frame and I really feel like updating this piece. It could handle something more modern. I've thought about just taking it out of the frame and hanging the canvas or putting it in a new, much simpler frame.

Here are my important wants on this:

1) I don't really feel like paying professional framing costs - I hate their constant calls for 50% off framing which it still obviously more expensive than it should be, even at that. 

2) I want something clean & modern.

3) My home is mix of  beachy and Asian-inspired. Thought about going with something kind of beach-cottage inspired for the frame, I'd love to do white, but with the ugly off white walls in the apt, it just wouldn't work.

4) It's now hanging in my bedroom. Here are a couple of links to photos: bed area and workspace.

Okay, all you creative people. I'd appreciate so much any ideas you may have. Could definitely use a fresh perspective or two!


Laura@JourneyChic said...

You could adhere it to a thick gallery-wrapped canvas - that would look modern. Canvases are always on sale at craft stores so it wouldn't be expensive. I'm also a fan of Ikea's big frames, finding a frame on sale and then buying the matte separately.

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

A few ideas:
1. I've found that locally-owned framing shops offer much more affordable framing than those 50% / 65% off art supply stores.

2. Michael's by me has DIY frame kits, where you can buy the pieces and click them together to make just the size frame you need.

3. You could paint some pieces of wood a nice bright red to complement the flowers, then nail/staple them around the canvas to create a new, basic frame.

Those are my ideas. None of them mind-blowing. :/

Kelly said...

I've had some success asking for advice from store employees at places like Aaron Brothers. A lot of times they will help you pick a frame/mat from the non-custom options (great when they have sales or coupons). I also second the Ikea suggestion. I could see this hanging in a beachy white-washed frame.

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