30 June 2011

Jewelry Peek

Here's a quick peek at the necklaces I made yesterday. It was a lot of fun to make until I got to the last necklace and dropped it THREE times while I was trying to close up the ends. Beads all over the table, floor, my clothes, not once but three times --was so annoyed. By the end I just had to push through and get it done, which was a test in patience and endurance. But I love how they look together, definitely feels summery and fresh.

Realized today that I haven't posted any new photos of my holiday mantle decor for the 4th of July holiday. Better get those taken today so I can post tomorrow. Heading out for weekend tomorrow morning and find myself completely unprepared. Laundry to do, projects to wrap up, shopping, packages to ship, packing...agh. Not happy that I let that happen. Scrambling to get things done today. I guess I should be happy that early in the week I popped in and bought a couple of new summer tops. At least I'll look good once I get there, haa-haa.

Hope you're having a great Thursday. Thanks as always for coming by.


Terry said...

Yes, this is definitely a nice summer look. I have done that exact same thing - dropping the beads - too many times to count. Soooo frustrating. Fortunately you persevered and got it done.

Catherine @ Make Myself at Home said...

Gorgeous! Can I place an order? ;-)

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