10 June 2011

Staycations You Can Take In A Day

I have lived in SoCal for 12 years now. It's hard to believe that. Wow. But you know what, there is so much I haven't seen or done here. Some cool places are an hour or two away and some are just down the street. I've been particularly conscious this year of trying to get to know this home of mine and find new things to do. I am trying to avoid the same old-same old haunts I've been hanging out in for all these years.

So far we've adventured through the UCLA Botanical Gardens which are in our very own neighborhood, even though you'd never know it unless you go searching for it. We have taken random drives up or down the coast stopping at our leisure, checked out up and coming neighborhoods in our area and visited cool shops I've driven past for years. Last week as I was scrambling to come up with a last minute mid-week adventure I remembered that I had these City Walks: Los Angeles: 50 Adventures on Foot cards.

Hello, just found more things to do! I went through and organized them into day or afternoon trips, depending on distance. For our trip last week I grabbed three cards out that were all near each other going south. There are so many things to do that are within 15-30 minutes from home.

These cards are also great if you are traveling and want to get off the touristy path. My favorite thing to do when traveling is just walk and wander. City Walk cards are available for many larger cities in the U.S. and around the world. They might be something fun for you to check out this weekend or grab before your summer vacay!

All righty, have a fantastic weekend. I have a very busy one planned. I decided to get involved in some activities in my congregation community and it kind of worked out to be a little too much all at one time. Whoosh! A wee bit of regret going on. I was in a great mood, requests were made, I was feeling friendly and supportive...ayee-yie-yie! It will be okay as long as I take it slow and steady and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for coming by. Thanks for your comments, always love your thoughts on things. Sending you my best! -K


Kelly said...

Thanks for this great tip on the City Walks! Good luck this weekend. I usually find that the more I'm worried about what I signed up for service-wise, the more I end up getting out of it. After some pouting + fretting, of course. :-)

kalanicut said...

Bless you Kelly for giving me some inspiration. Slow & steady, slow & steady...feel the joy, feel the joy....

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