25 May 2011

Family Sports Bag For The Car

Happy Wednesday. Hope this finds you well and happy. I'm thinking a lot this week about happiness, how I want to live my life and making every little day joyful and memorable in some way. After going to the park a lot lately and because The Bug is old enough to participate in some "older kid" activities I'm putting together a sports/activities bag for the car that we'll have easy access to any time. This comes in super handy when you decide to make a quick, before sunset trip to the park, when on road trips when everyone needs to get out of the car for a while or for a day at the beach. Here's what I'm putting in it:

1) soccer ball
2) kite (folded up in a bag)
3) plastic baseball bat and ball
4) bottles of bubbles and different sizes of bubble blowing accessories
5) Frisbee
6) 4 small cones (for goal posts, baseball bases, obstacle courses)
7) beach ball
8) fold up Razor scooter
9) football
10) paddle ball rackets and ball
11) bottles of water (in small insulated bag to protect from heat)
12) sand box/beach toys

Here are some other options:
1) croquet set
2) boules
3) lawn bowling set
4) kid's plastic golf clubs
5) nylon parachute (not for parachuting! haa-haa- but to bounce balls on, etc.)
6) balsa wood gliders
7) jumprope
8) horseshoes set
9) badminton set
10) hackey sack

A duffle bag filled with some combination of these toys should fit in a duffle bag in the far back section of an SUV or in any car trunk. Some of the best times one can have with family and friends are impromptu and heading to the park or beach when you have a few free minutes is a great way to get out, enjoy nature and spend quality time together.

It will also help your kids develop their eye-hand coordination, learn new skills (since the options for activities with these supplies is almost endless) and develop athletic abilities that will give them a lifetime of enjoyment and healthy habits.

What do you carry with you in your car for fun? What do you take with you to the park? I'm always looking for new ideas and would love to hear what you do with family and friends.

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knack said...

what a great , great idea! since I am three hours from the closest beach...the neighborhood pool and park will have to do:) Pool bag in the car {check!}

I love your positive spirit friend.....such a great outlook on life you have.....so inspiring and a blessing to read :)


abeachcottage said...

It's great to be always ready. Thanks for stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and adding your link.

Indulging said...

This is a lovely blog!!

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