27 June 2011

Take Time For Some Total Bliss

It's fireworks season in the United States. Our city put on it's patriotic fireworks show on Saturday and we had a fantastic time picnicking, playing and then bundling up with our "California Family" for all the fun. Community summer celebrations like these are the perfect time to be outside, spend time with family and friends and really and truly RELAX!

I realized Saturday night that for the brief moments of a fireworks show, you just don't think about anything else but ooh-ing and aww-ing. There is something I love about being surrounded by tens of thousands of peopel (at a comfortable distance of course!) listening to us all as we gasp with glee at the big bangs and the colorful explosions. "Whoa! Wow! I love those heart shaped one! Those corkscrews are so loud! Ooooh!" Everyone in the crowd is solely focused on one thing and enjoying every moment of it.

It's wonderful to be so caught up in the moment, to live for those short moments completely in the present. Living in the moment is something that seems to be incredibly hard for people to do these days. With all of life's stresses and distractions it's hard to have even a short uninterrupted conversation with another person. We often miss wonderful experiences right before our eyes thinking about what happened yesterday, what will come tomorrow or just obsessing over what we're afraid might come someday.

If you get a chance in the next few weeks to celebrate and spend time with family and loved ones, be there - be in the moment, enjoy it, make the most of it. If you have the chance to watch fireworks with them, even better! We deserve those little blissful moments life provides, they are the sweetness meant to temper the harder days. They are the gift that gives us peace and restorative rest to carry on. Feast on these moments this season and let it fill your heart and satisfy your soul.

photo by Tom Smart, Deseret News, July 2010

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