30 June 2011

Let It Be & Jewelry

Last night I was thinking about how often we get bent out of shape or feel the need to show our displeasure about something to our nearests and dearests. How important, really, are things like how the fridge is arranged,  garbage is placed in trash cans, what is put down the disposal, coming home later than expected and all those little daily irritations? (Let me interject here that these are just examples, not all things I would get bent out of shape about.) If you knew you would lose that loved one tomorrow, would you be so nit-picky today?

Although I am pretty laid back most of the time, I thought about this and came to the conclusion that I could really just let things go more often. Why get worked up about things that really aren't that important. The first person who pays the price for those feelings is the person who gets annoyed - giving away their peace and calm -- and likely it fans out from there spreading more unpleasantness. Sure things need to be discussed at times, but when you start looking at how many of those things are really and truly important we'd could probably all cut back those conversations by half at least.

 Do you catch yourself making a big deal about things that no one else really cares about? What do you to keep from sounding like a nag? Please share great ideas!

Also, yesterday I pulled out the jewelry beads for the first time in a long time and whipped up a sweet little necklace grouping for an online gift swap partner. Can't wait to send it off to New Zealand tomorrow. I will share it with you later this morning and tomorrow I'll share with you what got from NZ. I had totally forgotten it was coming so when I got it, it was an extra fun surprise -- and even better it was something I had been looking for and needed.

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Kelly said...

Ok, I just laughed when I got to this question: "What do you do to keep from sounding like a nag?" Ah, so timely! I think my latest complaint had to do with how the soap was arranged in the shower. Just as soon as I figure out how to not sound like a nag, I will let you know!

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