29 October 2010

kalanicut - 365 Days Later

kalanicut is one year old!

Went by so fast, I can't  believe it. If someone had told me all that would happen in the past 12 months I think I would not have believed it. The most amazing opportunities, some tragic events, great change, big adventures, lots of love, gratitude and positivity.

The best part of my blogging experience this past year has been renewing my love affair with writing, being able to focus on things I love, and best of all the great friendships I've gained around the world. It is so much fun to look at the visitor map and see markers from around the globe. I have learned so much from you about so many things. I had sworn I would never Facebook or Twitter and now use them daily interacting with lots of lovely people I otherwise wouldn't be in touch with.

To celebrate the blog birthday  I'll be doing a great giveaway next week with a collection of surprise kalanicut creations. Stay tuned for more details. And thanks for being a wonderful part of this year. It's been a joy spending time with you and reading your fantastic comments here on kalanicut. Have a great weekend!

all photos by kalani


cropstar said...

happiest of birthdays!

i love you, sister.

Radish said...

Happy Birthday to a very good blogger. I will remember your nice comment to me about liking my story in BWY. Blessing and great luck. Sally


Congrats on one year! :)

Thank you so much for the nice comment on my blog. I´m very happy to hear that you´re going to write about my blog this week! That is very appreciated!

Wish you a lovely week!
Hugs, Nina

knack said...

yay! congrats on a year!


kalanicut said...

Cropstar - So happy to be spending this week with you! Thanks for kind wishes.

Sally - Radish - Thank you for your kinds words. Hope rest of class is going well. I'll see you on your blog soon.

Stylizimo - I am so loving your blog. Look forward to visiting every time.

Knack - I'm just hoping to be like you someday. ;) Thank you!

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