25 October 2010

The Simple Tools of Men - Lansky Sharpeners

Lansky Quick Fix Pocket Sharpener (colors may vary)
One of the things I love about being surrounded by hardy men is their familiarity with things I have no clue about. I could list many, many things that fall into this category -- weapons, chainsaws, car engines, and more. Most of these men also have a plethora of gadgets, things like every kind of flashlight ever invented, many different kinds of tools, survival gear, and other deeply thought out must haves.

For weeks my "man's man" has been talking about Lansky tools and how much I needed one for my kitchen. And today he brought one to me. From the picture it looks pretty harmless and not to complicated, right? And inexpensive. And it's going to become very closely acquainted with my kitchen knives at my first opportunity.

Now I have to say something about the man's world and the world of women here. If you want to buy a knife sharpener in the women's world, you go to an expensive kitchen store and spend a good chunk of change on a sharpening tool recommended to you by the sales clerk. It will be expensive.

In the world of men, they know that if you need to sharpen a knife it's a fairly simple and inexpensive project. You go to the hunting, hardware or sporting goods store and spend $8 and buy a simple sharpening tool. In either case, you head home run your knife blades through the contraption a few times and you have a sharp knife. The world of men is phenomenally simple, just ask them, they'll agree completely. Things don't have to be so complicated or expensive to get done right.

Hello Lansky Quick Fix Pocket Sharpener! Welcome to this woman's world. And thanks to The Man for being so darned thoughtful. This is better than flowers any day!

Photo from amazon.com

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knack said...

I LOVE this! what an awesome post! woo hoo!

thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback on my blog! I really appreciate your positive spirit,smart thinking, and encouragement!

sorry I am so behind in getting back to you!

hope you have a fantastic day!


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