28 October 2010

Gift Guide for Family & Friend Visits

Last month when we visited Grandpa Craig we noticed that as busy as he is, there were a few things around the house that could use a little attention. So we made a very short list of things we could do to help out. The first was to sweep up the leaves in his front courtyard. The man had it looking amazing in just a few minutes with a broom he found in the garage. A bit of work was done in the back yard and we left having done a little good and with things looking a little better.

Earlier this year when visiting family I was able to help out on one project at each of the family member's homes I stayed at: a headboard at Mom and Dad's, a flower bed refresh at Sister #1's house and more fun projects with Sis #2.

A home is a lot to keep up with and no one can manage it all without a little extra help. Next time your visiting family and friends ask them if there are any little projects they could use some help with. Allot a couple of hours during your visit to doing a project to help them out.

Maybe you clean out a flower bed, help paint a room, move some boxes, clean the garage. When you visit family or friends this holiday season, take a couple of hours to do a helpful project with them. Shovel snow, scrape snowy windshields, or anything else you can find to do to help out.

It's fun to work together and so easy to help others out. You'll enjoy your time together and they'll think of you every time they pass by your hard work long after you've headed home. That makes it much more likely you'll be gladly welcomed back again too.

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