27 October 2010

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

I don't know any woman who doesn't love to get flowers. Some women place more value on flowers in relationships than others, but every woman I've ever known has liked receiving flowers. I've been thinking this week about the importance many women put on the man in their lives giving them flowers. And I've been thinking about how often we women with good men in our lives get flowers, that just don't look like flowers.

I often see men giving flowers to the women they love in the form of things like filling up the gas tank, checking the oil & anti-freeze, making sure there's a little cash in the wallet or pocket, buying needed household tools & small appliances, running out to the car to get forgotten items, making a quick grocery store trip at the end of a long day, taking out the trash, doing the dishes, watering the plants, and other things that make their woman's daily life easier.

Now before any of you ladies get feisty and say, "Well of course he should be helping out around the house," yes I completely agree. I think women are very aware and sometimes too caught up in all WE do. But I think we often underestimate how much the men do and how thoughtful they are.

I always love it when The Man says, "I got you something." I can guarantee you that nine times out of ten, I couldn't possibly guess what it would be. I've been the recipient of that cute little knife sharpener, a key chain flashlight, a key chain mini tool, a lens cleaning cloth, a multi-jack USB port, a splitter to plug two sets of earphones into an iPod, batteries, and many other things I never knew I needed.

If I envisioned each of these activities & gifts as big bouquets of flowers, I think I would be much more grateful for all the things The Man does. Flowers only last for a few days but the practical things men do for us and give to us last much, much longer. These acts of service are the equivalent of giving flowers in men's minds. They do all these things because they love you and want to watch out for you and make sure you have a good life. How many bouquets will you get this week? I'm counting mine.

photo from FlowerPhotos.net


life with the wigingtons said...

Thank you for this one, Kalani! Today is Quinn's day off, and I've already gotten three: a straightened TV room, cleared kitchen counters, and a preschooler who got to play in the snow. All by 9 a.m.

Victoria said...

Beautiful flowers, thanks for sharing!

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