06 October 2010

BYW Student Art Week - Colorful Patterns by Raeburn Ink

Thursday is here already. Hope it's a happy day for you. When I first visited the blog Raeburn Ink I knew I'd met a kindred spirit instantly...a girl who loves orange. blue, green and the same color combinations I do. the pattern work is inspired and exquisite. I poured over each item in the Etsy shop and the beautiful photos across the blog.

Raeburn Ink is the creative child of Jennifer Cooke. You can learn more about her here. And you can have a peek at her new book Design Your Own Tees on Amazon.com. Another thing I am absolutely thrilled by at Raeburn Ink is the blog banner. It is one of the most exciting blog headers I have ever seen. It just really grabbed me, inspired me. It's just so well done and so perfect to capture all you'll find there. Just nothing short of perfect.

Stop by Jennifer's blog and Etsy shop. Next time you're in the bookstore browse her beautiful book or check it out online. Take the time to understand her craft and why it works. There is multi-layered richness there. Enjoy!

Thanks Jennifer for sharing your beautiful vision and creativity with us all!

All photos from Raeburn Ink website and Etsy shop

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