26 October 2010

Keep Clicking Along

Today I sent in a submission for a magazine article about an experience I had as a little kid and how it came full circle recently. I had been thinking about submitting this story for publication for a while, then recent events made it an even better story. That motivated me to write it up. As a writer, you just have to hope for the best, do a lot of work and send your work out into the world for critique and acceptance or rejection. It's a painful process.

I'm thinking a lot about how to make my dreams come true. It's really a matter of just checking items off the list each day, anything you can do to get there. Completing this manuscript is one of those things. And it was pretty easy and I enjoyed it which made me work even more quickly and efficiently. Last night I received a compliment on my writing that gave me added courage. I have another writing project to query on this week. This is a biggie, because it's something I've had in the works for several years now. And it's completion means I can work on other new projects. I'm excited about that.

I'm getting the courage to look forward to possible rejections. I can handle it and it's all part of putting oneself out there. You can't get accepted if you don't put yourself up for some rejection, that's how it works. So really, getting rejections means you are on your way to your dreams and that much closer to getting the acceptances you are ready for. Very exciting. So whatever you're dreaming about today, go for it, even if it involves time and a little rejection. Baby steps. It's all taking you closer to what you want and what you were created to accomplish.

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Kelly said...

This is on my mind right now too. I have found it helpful to treat each project as if it's final, approved and heading out into the world -- doing my best work no matter what. For me, it was a slippery slope down the "well, it will probably be rejected anyway" path. You can do it! Just don't look forward to the rejections too much. ;-)

heavenwildfleur said...

totally agree with that. your post resonated and i've been thinking about the same thing. we all need some positive encouragement to keep us going!!

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