01 October 2010

When I Grow Up - Great Site by Michelle Ward

In my BYW class, I met Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up coach. I love her story and philosophy. She's the life coach you are looking for if you are finally ready to be what you dreamed of being when you grew up, rather than what you felt you should do, or others told you that you should be.

Her website if full of great inspiration, she has a newsletter, blog and is also offering a new online course titled The Declaration of YOU. I love that title! Isn't it time we all stood up and really connected with our most authentic selves, lived lives that really make us happy and serve the world in the way we were created to?!!!!

Michelle has a great energy and is a great mix between understanding and a good kick in the seat of the pants. If you're looking for great inspiration to make more of your life, check out her web site, blog and sign up for her e-course. Since taking BYW I am a big fan of online classes. I'm looking for my next adventure to begin in a few weeks.

Thanks Michelle for being such a shining light to searching souls!


Kelly said...

Wow Kalani -- you are on a roll! I hope you have fun in your new class. Love the title.

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

Thanks so very much for writing about me, my coaching & my new (& first!) e-course. This totally made my day!

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