20 October 2010

Parental Wisdoms About Meaningful Holiday Giving

One thing I love about reading blogs is learning from the way other people do things. It really enriches my life to see new ways of dealing with everyday thing or fantastic suggestions on how to handle issues that have troubled me for some time.

I've been thinking a lot about this post from Design Mom. Gabrielle and her husband have a great philosophy about gift giving for kids. I’m definitely going to consider this approach as I go forward in life.

I've noticed that kids who get mounds of toys don't really appreciate each gift. We learned our lesson when we spent an embarrassing amount for The Little Bugs third birthday. Dumb, dumb, dumb. People most appreciate the time and thought that is put into gifts, so I'm thinking now about what will be most helpful and appreciated.

Check out the fantastic comments at Design Mom’s post as well. There are some phenomenal ideas for organizing your holiday giving and creating meaningful traditions within your family. I loved reading about the different ways families tend to holiday budgets, prioritize their giving and teach their children about the season and the spirit of giving and receiving.

I was really impressed with the suggestions and I enjoyed the chance to consider new ways of doing things that I had never heard of before. Hope you’re enjoying planning your holiday season. I am most excited for the holidays when I plan ahead and take thoughtful actions. I want to be excited this year.

What great ideas have you decided on for your family? Are there traditions you're throwing out in favor of simpler ones?

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Tracy Aldous said...

I loved reading the comments on Design Mom's post, and we just may adopt the "something to wear, something to read, something you want, and something you need" concept - keeps things under control (and structured, which makes me happy)!

Since we're expecting a new baby mid-November this year, I've been trying to get all my Christmas shopping done before the baby arrives. In my third-trimester haze, I JUST realized that this new baby will be here for Christmas this year, and for a moment I panicked that I hadn't bought him anything. BUT...we decided since he won't really "need" anything and won't know the difference anyway, we'll divert the $$ into his college savings account instead :)


I read this too and really liked the balanced practical and still very fun approach.


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