20 October 2010

Great Holiday Decorations From 99 Cents Stores

I popped into a local dollar store to pick up a few toiletry/first aid items today. It was a wonderland, with interesting and at times hideous things stacked high at every turn. I could've perused the place for hours. But the one thing that really caught my attention was holiday decorations. There were so many different things that I stopped to inspect. Prices ranged from 99 cents to three dollars or so.

Here's a quick list of some of the things I really liked:

1) Pinecone Ornaments - About 2 1/2 inches tall, metallic, pinecone shaped ornaments. These were about five to a container, with containers of gold, green, silver and red. While they had a charm about them as they were, I just imagined taking Martha Stewart's giant glitter kit to them, adding some darling striped ribbon. Oh, yum! These would be so great attached to a pretty mantle garland or on wrapped packages. They would also be so pretty stacked in a large glass jar or vase or on a table in a beautiful wooden bowl.

2) Shiny Metal Bells - So many great uses on the tree, wreath, mantle garland, gift wrapping, etc. They could really be spruced up if tied up with some fun holiday gross grain ribbon, or the ribbon could be glued around the base of the bell. You could even do some fun things with paint, a metallic marker, vinyl appliqu├ęs or other creative design additions.

3) Wreaths - Go DIY crazy with a simple artificial wreath. Add some twinkly lights, a pretty, big ribbon, felt flowers, torn paper flowers, silver bells, shiny glitter stars or small holiday ornaments. So many ways to personalize and upcycle a simple green wreath. Great for front doors, window panes, hung with garland over a fireplace or along a staircase railing.

4) Wood Star and Snowflake Cutouts - I like using these for ornaments or as part of my gift wrapping tied to the front of a package with a beautiful ribbon or several strands of pretty yarn or twine. These could also be decorated to use for place cards for a holiday dinner with each guests name written on them using glue and glitter or a metallic marker. Another great idea would be to create something special to remember the year - decoupage a family photo or small paper clippings that will always bring back memories of 2010. This would be a great family activity or crafty ice breaker for a party.

5) Beaded, Shiny Balls - There were so many different varieties of ornaments. Some were gorgeous just as they were, others would be absolutely charming with a little spiffy creative effort. Upcycled and beautifully packaged in cellophane or a pretty box with just the right ribbon, these would make lovely little gifts of remembrance for friends or neighbors.

6) Chipboard Signs - This was a little cutout sign that just said Merry, painted red. It was cute already, but adding a little twinkle and some down-to-earth ribbon would take it to a whole new level. Again another great little gift that could be personalized with just the right color of ribbon.

7) Stocking Stuffers - coloring books, markers, calendars, books, school supplies, little toiletry trinkets, little purses, nail polish, flashlights, little toys, stuffed animals, and a million other fun little things kids love.

8) Things from Other Aisles - pretty contact paper, a variety of trays, boxes, bamboo place mats & coasters, table linens, stemware, serving bowls, glass vases, moss and other floral arranging supplies and much more. There are things in every department that could add to  the holiday plans and preparations. It just takes a little creativity.

Wow, just writing this post is getting me excited for the holidays. I can't wait to go back and pick up a few things and start working on some creative projects. It's possible to have an absolutely gorgeous holiday on a very small budget. Starting now is a great way to give yourself time to create gifts and decorations. Take your time to bargain shop. Organize yourself so you don't overspend or get caught spending large amounts of money at the last minute in a rush.

My favorite holiday memories have been from those years where I got things done early and was able to just enjoy the month of December. I'm hoping to have another year like that this year. Later this morning I'll publish an inspiring follow up about holiday giving.

So dear readers, what have you seen in the shops that will be cheery for the holidays at fantastically inexpensive prices. What creative things are you doing to save money and make things gorgeous? Love your generous, sharing comments!

Snowflake photo from www.99centsdollarstore.com
All other photos from wwww.koleimports.com

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