19 October 2010

Showing Thanks Brings Abundance

I woke up thinking this morning about the words thank you. If you want more abundance in your life, using the words thank you can have a significant effect. When you show gratitude for things others do for you, their natural instinct is to want to do more. Think about the influence this could have on your relationships with the bank teller, grocery clerk, teachers, friends, children and spouse.

Everyone knows someone they feel they can't please. When we bump into one of these people their behavior encourages us to give up and pull away, because no matter what you give, what you do, what you offer it will never be enough. Think about the people you most enjoy being around. They appreciate you, who you are and what you bring to their lives. And you want to be around them more.

So I'm trying to remember that a kind word of appreciation goes a long, long way. Thank the people around you. You'll be surprised what comes of it. You'll make them feel great, and you'll get more of what you need too. It's definitely a win-win situation.


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