14 October 2010

A Shade for Every Lamp

Found a great website for lamp shades, Shades of Light this week. I was totally impressed with their selection. There are so gorgeous prints and patterns that would spice up any living space. And if you are looking for high quality basic lamp shades they've got you covered with every size and shape you might need with a selection of over 350 different options.

I have a great collection of lamps from a variety of vendors, but every now and again I am really ready for a change and a new lamp shade is just the thing. Now I know there's a fantastic resource out there. Superb! If you have lamps you are ready to give new life to, this may be just the spot.

1 comment:

Pinecone Camp said...

I'm going to check out this site right after I finish with yours! I've got a cute vintage lamp with no shade. Thanks for the link!

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