03 September 2010

What's In Your Makeup Bag - LaSchelle

What's in your makeup bag this week is all about LaSchelle. She's very creative, smart, generous, thoughtful and kind. She also has a big part in putting on one of the biggest fundraiser charity events in Los Angeles each year. Thanks LaSchelle for sharing what's in your makeup bag!

1) The cannot live without is probably my Tweezerman Tweezers.

2) My close behind cannot live without is my MAC brush 275.  I don't know how many of those brushes I've given away as gifts over the years, but it helps anyone to perfectly apply eye shadow.  It's like courage for those who think they are challenged.

3) Love my Bare Escentuals foundation, eye liner and shadows.  Been using them since 2000.  Also love MAC anything.

4) I like the versatility of the Bare Minerals--I can use them wet or dry.  I'll often use the dry for a shadow and same color wet as a liner. Love that you can line with funky colors depending on your mood.

5) I love my LIP-INK.  It's a lip stain that last a long time.  I use the Rosewood and a Mauve one I can't remember the name of it.  It's all natural ingredients.  I found it last summer at some tree hugger/save the earth fair.  Its was about $70 but I'm really happy.  The moisturizer/gloss is great.  You can change the color by applying more so it gets darker.  I bought the mauve kit so the colors compliment each other.

6) I can't remember if I bought my MAC compact in 2002 or 2003 in NY.  Love it.  Broke it. Still use it.  I can't even read the eye shadow colors anymore.

7) Things I didn't photograph, because they were really messy: MAC Concrete Eye Shadow--I use it to fill in my eye brows when I want a more finished or dressed up makeup.  It matches my hair color.

8) MAC Haute Eye shadow--It's a perfect crease color.  In neutral tones so I can use it with various other colors.  A huge chunk popped out when I opened it to photograph it. 

9) My FRESH Lipstick in Cranberry Lemonade was one of Kevin Aucoin's absolute essentials.  It's dark for summer but I'll often soften it with another piece I didn't photograph as it's almost gone, a lip gloss from Origins (Pink it Over).

10) I also usually have a BUXOM lip gloss in my bag but because of flying some of my stuff is still in my suitcase so I wouldn't accidentally get it confiscated.

11) I included a photo of something on my desk, Volturi Twilight Enrapture Lip Gloss.  My sister gave it to me last Christmas with a bunch of Twilight chocolate bars and other fun stuff she found.  I just found it a few weeks ago so I leave it on my desk for a little pick me up to make me smile.  It's pretty moisturizing and it just makes me feel like I'm 14 again.

LaSchelle has a good set up! Hey if you would like to share What's In Your Makeup Bag?, take a photo and send me a little info on what you use, love, can't live without. I know you are thinking about it, so just go ahead and do it. You have a long 3-day weekend to get it done and I bet it will inspire you to clean up your bag a bit too. That's a nice plus, right?

Have a fantastic holiday weekend! Next week should be fun. I will be traveling and will have some fun stuff for you from a very beautiful and artistic location. Send in your makeup bag photos! Prizes are involved! Find more info here.

Photos via LaSchelle

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