19 September 2010

Stop, Ask, Listen and Then Act

Saturday I took a day by myself. My plan all started Friday night after a really busy, long day. I suddenly realized I had an open weekend and decided that I would finally go see the movie Eat, Pray, Love. I enjoyed the book and like her take on the journey of life for the most part.

I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the film version as much as I did. But there was something about it that inspired me in so many different ways. I wished I had a notebook with me in the theater to write down the ideas that came to me and the inspirations that I had about my own life.

I decided to take the rest of the day and only do things that helped me connect with myself, feel happy and organically connected to me. I stopped and asked myself "What do you want to do? What would make you most happy" at every step. I was so amazed that when I actually stopped to ask and then LISTEN my soul spoke loudly and clearly. I knew exactly what would make me the happiest. I was thrilled to know my soul was still there, alive and kicking and knowing authentically what she wanted and didn't want from this day.

I need to ask and listen more on a daily basis, rather than running too fast and not even stopping to ask, contemplate or listen to the answer. I think there are times when I get frustrated and feel like I'm suffocating in life. That frustration often gets blamed on schedules, obligations and others' needs rather than owning up to the fact that I'm not stopping, asking, listening and THEN acting in defense of my own life and well-being --thinking consciously about what I do and why.

My fabulous day included a patio lunch of my favorite Turkey Cranberry Panini and the town's best carrot cake, sunshine and ocean breeze, a new purse-size journal (above) to write down all my thoughts today. I bought a new wallet after the zipper broke several weeks ago on the little coin purse I've been using for a wallet for nearly 10 years. I had a little photo shoot in my new home photo studio set up. Spent the rest of the day working on projects still glad to know that if I ask and listen I'll know what I want, what makes me happy and what will bless my life.

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