29 September 2010

Kelly Lee-Creel's Fantastic Birch Bulletin Board

It's a great day to introduce you to one of my classmates in the BYW class, Kelly Lee-Creel and her blog ever kelly. She always has great do it yourself projects and inspirations. I have to share with you a superb project she posted last week, the Birch Bulletin Board.

When I first saw it I thought Oh there's no way I  could make that! But when I looked at her easy directions I though Hey I can do that. I got excited. This would be a great addition to your home office, kitchen, bedroom or as a crafts room inspiration board. Even more exciting it would be a phenomenal and inexpensive gift for the holidays! Recipients would be blown away by your DIY sass!

Visit Kelly over at her blog for more great creative ideas and projects. Kelly's a SoCal girl so I hope we get a chance to meet in person sometime with other students.

Photo by Kelly Lee-Creel


blue china studio said...

what a great bulletin board. I really need to check out how to do that myself! Most impressive.

Lynda Kennedy said...

I don't seem to. Be able to get to Kelly's blog I keep been Ng redirected to another site
Lynda Kennedy

kalanicut said...

It's possible that the blog no longer exists. This post is from quite a few years ago now. I tried to find it but can't find the blog either.

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