23 September 2010

Beautiful Leather Thrift Store Finds For Fall

I love browns and neutrals for fall with richly patterned tights, wools bottoms, gorgeous jackets and colorful scarves.. Here are a couple of thrift store finds that are working their way into my fall wardrobe this year. These Via Spigas were a thrift store big spend, costing $20. But well worth it considering the full price. They'll be dandy with a nice pencil skirt, cardigan, white blouse and simple jewelry.

These yummy "back to school" beauties will be so lovely with a pretty, wool skirt with a small check or plaid and brown tights. They would also be charming with wide leg wool pants and a pretty hip length jacket. They're heel enough without being too high for every day wear. I'll have some fun styling these and they were just $12 and look like they have never been worn.

Don't forget the thrift store for your fall wardrobe updates.

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This Home Sweet Home said...

There is nothing that gives me greater delight then when I leave a thrift store smug in the knowledge that I have bagged myself a real bargin, be it something for the home or some almost new leather boots that I would not even consider parting with good money for if I had to pay full price, last year I got myself 5 pairs!
thrifters unite!

A fellow BYW student and obesessive thrifter :)

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