17 September 2010

Friday Casual with Keen


I have always loved sneakers but for a long time I just haven't "felt" them for me. Just didn't see it working into my wardrobe or I just didn't have the right clothes to wear with them. I bought these super cute Keen mary jane sneakers last Spring as part of my Spring Wardrobe Update.

I wore them once in May, got giant blisters on my heel where the top of the shoe rubbed one night when I did way more walking than I had anticipated. Then they sat in my closet, where I fondly looked at how cute they are. Finally a couple of weeks ago I pulled them out and just wore them around the house for a couple of hours several times to test them out again. They I ventured out and wore them outside the house a few times. Now they are nicely worn in and I'm so happy with them.

Here are a couple other Keen sneakers I LOVE!

Adore this print in yellow. So cute for fall with gray. Can see these rocking the street with a pair of gray wool pants, a simple dark orange fall sweater, good navy jacket, multi-colored scarf and delicious leather bag. 

Or go suede for fall. Love these dark orange suede that would be so fun with navy pants or jeans, white or gray tee shirt and black jacket with a great dark gray messenger bag.

While I was pulling together this post I came across a fantastic post from the very talented Jordan Ferney of  Oh Happy Day.It's filled with a rainbow of fantastic sneakers for fall. She includes some of my all time favorites including Converse and Puma. You'll enjoy her take on a variety of options for fall. She's a constant source of great inspiration.

I'm working sneakers into my fall wardrobe and hope this will inspire you to find a pair you "feel" and are just right for you!

All photos from Zappos.com


Kati said...

Can I just keep you in my closet and every morning you can tell me what to wear?


Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. I'm glad you like my blog and my photos :)
Hopefully it will get even better after BYW! It's such a great course, don't you think?

I'm coming back to explore more of your blog as well:)


knack said...

they are so cute!

I live in converse tennis shoes in the fall and winter:) I have red, yellow, and gray....


kalanicut said...

I am now officially on the prowl for the yellow lace ups and a pair of gray wool pants. Can't get the image out of my head.....of course they're on sale all over the www but the only place they have my size they are still full price. Drat!

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