22 September 2010

A New World View

I downloaded my first photos from the new camera this weekend. In the class I'm taking we're learning an amazing amount from the very talented Leslie Shewring. She's a fantastic photographer and stylist and is teaching us in such a great way. Check out her blog and be completely taken by her photography. It's worth the visit!

The intensive nature of the class makes everything we're learning a lot to grasp and put into practice. I finally found the right little spot for a photo studio spot in my house and am having a great time experimenting.

These are three of my favorites that I can share. The first is from a visit to a museum with a collection of old military planes. The second is The Little Bug watching her cousin play baseball as the sun begins to set. Due to no talent of mine whatsoever, I am in love with the lighting in this shot. I love how she's a bit illuminated. Dang, she's cute. It was a lovely late summer evening and happily the boys won.

This is the sunset from our dear Grandpa Craig's backyard. His backyard overlooking the city is dreamy for eating outside, dancing around in the grass and gazing across the great valley. I took many, many sunset shots night after night. I could stand out there and enjoy the sunset every night and be happy as a clam.

Look for new and improved photos to come. Most of the photos in this week's posts have been from the new camera. Thank you my dear friend Canon Rebel T1i. Love spending time with you.


Pinecone Camp said...

Your new "friend" is doing a great job! Lovely pics! Have fun with the new camera. I love getting new lenses to play with.
Have a lovely day!

Radostina ♥ 79ideas.org ♥ said...

Hey Kalani,
You are doing great job with your new camera :))) I really recommend you to show us bigger pictures. Don't be afraid... they are great. :))
Wish you a wonderful day. I will come here more often :)


Chuzai Living said...

I agree with Radostina that you should show us bigger pictures! I like the third photo a lot! the sunset with the silhouette of the tree is gorgeous!! You have Canon Rebel! I plan on getting an SLR, hopefully soon, and I have been thinking about getting Canon Rebel. My current camera is also Canon. I am also enjoying the BYW class! Thanks for leaving me a message! I appreciate your time to do so. I'll see you in the class! xo Kaho

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