15 September 2010

When's The Last Time You Enjoyed A Sunset?

Just wanted to stop and ask you dear readers, have you slowed down to enjoy a good sunset lately? I did last night, it was amazing. No I'm not in Hawaii, but I knew I had to good sunset inspirations shots from there. I grew up on a little farm that faces a beautiful lake with gorgeous purple mountains behind it. Every night we had clear view of the most beautiful sunsets overlooking the fields, lake and mountains.

When I grew up and moved away I realized how much I was missing not having those sunsets to enjoy every night. Living in the concrete jungle of a big city, just getting sunlight in windows at home can be tricky most of the time.

Last night I had the chance to stand on a high hill, with The Little Bug on my shoulders and watch a beautiful sunset behind a beautiful city. The colors were amazing, and standing there talking with The Bug was dreamy. It reminded me to take a few minutes to enjoy nature every day and helped me catch my breath after some busy days.

Take a few minutes and get where you can see a sunset soon. It's so-o-o-o-o good for the soul!

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As for the sunset: I love looking at the sunset, and I took some lovely pictures of it as well just some days ago - The world is a beautiful place!

//Nina x

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