30 September 2010

I'm In Love With Crayola Model Magic

I was going to put this on the great things to pack when traveling list but I thought it really deserved its own post. I have to thank Jack in The Box for introducing me to Crayloa Model Magic in a kid's lunch bag. We made a pit stop there once earlier this summer when far from home with a lot of driving to do. There was a small bag of it, yellow, which I'll never forget. The Little Bug spent many hours playing this while on a short trip out of town.

The thing I love most about Crayola Model Magic is that it's completely not messy IF you stick with the lighter colors. I found the red tends to stain hands, which I don't really like to deal with in situations where I would use this stuff. If you're somewhere where you can easily wash hands this probably isn't a problem.

Model Magic is not sticky, it's not crumbly. It doesn't make a mess on furniture, upholstery, or clothing. It's squishy and gooey and fun to feel between the fingers.

Model Magic is great for playing in the car, on airplanes, in hotel rooms, the doctor's office, anywhere where you might be sitting in the same place for a while. It's easy to keep in your purse in a resealable bag whip out and quickly put away. It doesn't require a flat surface because kids can just play with it in their hands. We have made hundreds of different things with Model Magic and there is an endless possibility of things you can make.You can buy it in enveloped packets with a variety of colors or big tubs of white or a multi-colored mix. There are also specialty project kits for bigger kids.

It will last for quite a few hours of play if you keep it in an air tight bag or wrapping. It will get a little tough and dry after a few days of heavy use, then I throw it out or you can make something and allow it to dry.

I've decided this will be something I'll put in the fun bag for trips from now on. We don't play with it at home normally, so that it's a special treat for travel days. But it would be a fantastic activity for older children. You can see some of the fun projects available for older kids on the Crayola website. It would also be a great thing to have on hand when the grandkids come to visit, totally not messy and will entertain them for hours.

Next time you need something fun for kids and don't want a mess, Crayola Model Magic is a super affordable and entertaining activity you can take anywhere. Try it on your next trip. Check out the Crayola website for tons of creative activities you can do with your kids. What other Crayola products and projects have you tried? Please share!

White Tub photo & Assortment Bag from www.crayolastore.com
All project photos from www.crayola.com/crafts

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