01 September 2010

Five Things That Are Energizing & Inspiring Me

There's nothing better than feeling motivated, energized and excited about life -- feeling like we're accomplishing things, are organized and have things to look forward to. Here's a quick list of things that are energizing and inspiring me this week:

1) A Master List - I created a list of small projects that I need to complete. Some are in progress, some will take  many hours and some only a few minutes. There are 22 items on the list right now. I accomplished one of them today and am almost done with another. On the list are some "fun" things like clean the refrigerator, finish office organization, reorganize broom closet...

2) Five Items a Day List - Each night I set aside five goals I want to accomplish the next day. It's a bit hit or miss whether it actually happens each day, but I'm getting more done than I would without it.

3) Fitness Goals - My conscious effort to get to the gym for 2 hours/5 days a week is paying off. I feel more energetic, more limber and my posture is definitely better. I will be much happier about this in six months when I'm six months fitter. :) I'm also still riding my bike whenever possible and taking walking excursions frequently. Definitely beats sitting down for nine hours a day. My goal is to add swimming two or three nights a week as a second workout.

4) Daily Inspiration - In the mornings I have re-instituted a time for study: religious texts, Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach, Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay, sprinkled with a few other inspiring texts. Definitely helps me gain a focus and go into the day more clear headed and motivated for excellence.

5) Living More Consciously - I'm trying to enjoy the day more, enjoy the present moment. One of the my biggest efforts is to sit down and enjoy meals rather than eating on the run, while watching TV or reading. I realized I was not even thinking about what I put in my mouth. Missing out on enjoying the taste of one's food is pretty sad since there is so much to enjoy. I am also trying to worry less and enjoy more overall. It's a constant challenge, but one that will definitely pay off for me!

Thinking about my days, what I do with them and how I enjoy them is definitely giving me a greater sense of peace and well-being. It's also helping me prioritize and get more done. What are you doing that is inspiring you right now? I and fellow readers would love to hear and be inspired! Please share.

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knack said...

Such great tips! I love reading your blog so much!;)

Have a great day!


kalanicut said...

Aww, Barb, it's only 9:30a on the west coast and you already made my day. Hope NYC is splendid!

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