29 September 2010

It's Fall, I'm Ready for My Favorite Mighty Leaf Tea

In the middle of a SoCal heatwave, my soul is telling me it's fall and tea season is here. My brain is in Scandinavia, wanting to wear beautiful sweaters and boots and sit in a chilly window and warm myself with a cup of tea held to my cheek. I think that plan is going to have to wait a few months, the tea drinking part that is. Scandinavia, while I miss you so, I don't see myself popping by in the near future, unfortunately.

Anyway, I thought I'd share my favorite tea today, Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus. The contents of the bags are so beautiful, nothing like the ground up musty dust you get in many tea bags. It's a joy to sink one of these babies into a perfect mug of steaming hot water, watch it steep and once it's cooled a bit, start sipping away.

Won't one of you in a colder climate drink a cup of tea for me today? Visit the Mighty Leaf web site for free samples and to order any of their fantastic teas. Mighty Leaf teas can also be found in many grocery stores and specialty coffee shops. You'll be happy you have a box in the cupboard come that first frosty night.

photos from www.mightyleaf.com


Kelly said...

Oh, yummy! I'm on the hunt for a new fall tea -- and this sounds perfect. I will turn up the AC and pretend I'm somewhere cool. :-)

Angela Q. said...

This looks almost too pretty to drink. This heat wave has not been fun at all, so long dreams of fall looks like the flip flops will be sticking around for a little longer.

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