23 February 2010

You - The Best Gift-giver in Your Life

If you’ve read more than two blog entries here you know that I love lists, figuring things out on paper and notes to self. Here’s a list that's full of gifts I’m giving myself.

As busy as life is and as many tasks as we have each day it’s hard to remember to take care of oneself. In my journal which I carry with me most days I have a little list of gifts to myself which remind me to take care of myself and what a gift that is.

This lists reminds me how to refocus when I lose my vision, gives me tasks to pursue when I feel lost, reminds me of the things that make me happy, and shows me that well-being is a series of baby steps rather than giant life changes.

An example of things on my list:

Exercise of some sort every day
Meditation and taking time to breathe
Getting enough rest
Keeping my car clean
Staying in touch with friends & family

What’s on your list? What will help you keep you focused, feeling hopeful and progressing in your life?

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