01 February 2010

Simple Pleasures Week Day Two - 100 Pages of Joy

It’s simple pleasures week on kalanicut

This simple pleasure usually costs about $5 and provides at least a few good hours of peace and quiet, learning, relaxation, escapism and gets my creative juices really bubbling. My favorite magazines whether they come into my home via subscription, a special treat for myself on a night out at a big bookstore or just a quick grab while going through the grocery store check-out or airport sundries store are like a gift box full of lots of small presents.

Here are a few that I’m enjoying at this point in my life:

REAL SIMPLE – I’ve been collecting quick meal plans from its pages for years and have learned bits and pieces about everything from taxes to how to pick a great business suit for my body type. Always comforting, encouraging and enlightening.

MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS  -- I’ve been a fan of this gem for a while. Whether you’re getting married or not it is consistently one of the most inventive, creative publications you’ll find. Great ideas you can transform into every day gifts, home décor and any event. And if you are or happen to know someone who is getting married there are so many great vendor resources and lovely little ideas you can incorporate into your own special day on any budget.

MENS HEALTH – This may seem a strange choice, but I think I first started reading it on a trip with a lovely man who had a subscription. There were always a few copies lying about in his world. Here’s what I love about MENS HEALTH. I love reading the articles about understanding women (fun to see us in their eyes), interesting articles about some of my favorite actors and athletes, great information about food and health and because men seem so obsessed about the six-pack every issue has some awesome core workout ideas in it. This may be my favorite magazine right now, especially as I feel most of the well-known women’s magazines are totally missing the mark and publishers are killing off the ones who are hitting the mark with their readership.

CRAFT MAGAZINES – Occasionally I will buy a jewelry, papercraft, knitting or holiday crafts magazine. Great ideas to incorporate into my own creations. These magazines I keep long-term for reference so their worth their usually higher copy price.

I’ve come up with a great way to “recycle”  magazines that are relatively new that I don’t plan on keeping long term. When I noticed that the magazines in my favorite nail salon were quite ragged I decided when I go in to drop off a few fresh magazines for them from my little stack.Try your hair salon too. In the current economic times, they have probably cut back on subscriptions too.  I try to pass magazines forward or find other ways to extend their life and usage.

Subscriptions are so inexpensive now it’s worth the little splurge to get the ones you like each month. I still remember how excited I was to come home to a SEVENTEEN magazine when I was in high school. My grandmother gifted us a subscription during our teen years – this was in a simpler, more wholesome era – I doubt she’s let us get anywhere near a mainstream magazine aimed at teens now. There nothing better to come home to in the mailbox after a long day than a great magazine.

It’s very healthy and inspiring to take an hour out of an evening to curl up on the couch with a great magazine. Carrying a magazine in your car or purse is a great way to take advantage of lost “wait” time throughout your day.

*FYI – This month I’ll be doing a full week of awesome giveaways every day. Spread the word now and get ready to enter!

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