19 February 2010

It Will Happen When It Happens

I have to share this experience I've watched a friend go through over the past few months. It's a calming reassurance about all those outstanding frustrations we often experience. My friend had several small business deals and career moves that she was trying very hard to resolve. A car to sell, an apartment to rent and lots of small business projects which she hoped to land, leading her to bigger opportunities.

She worked hard, she plotted, planned, pushed, and strived to make things happen. Things didn't happen. A renter failed to pay the rent and had to be asked to leave, the car needing to be sold broke down, having electrical problems that could not be resolved, projects she hoped for did not come her way. But she kept working to resolve all these issues, which would allow her to move forward to new adventures with greater freedom and a sense of closure on the past.

When it felt as if there was nothing more she could do, she kept trying to find new ways to move things forward. With no resolution in sight, she began to wonder if things would ever move forward.

Last week, out of the blue, she got a call from a man interested in renting her unit. He got her information from an online post she had posted almost two years ago and never taken down. He looks to be a fantastic renter candidate and paperwork in already in the works. It was an incredibly easy process. One phone call and paperwork in the mail that morning. Three days later the phone rang with a phone call requesting information on the car up for sale. That too is moving forward.

And this week, good projects have been appearing and a great project came through tonight. This is a project so up my friend's alley that it's amazing. This is going to be something she will be able to make great contributions to and will also love being a part of.

I don't know why, but things happen when they are meant to and not a minute sooner. But I am convinced that we have to do all we can do to show what we want. But the way things work out is often completely unexpected and usually better than we could've imagined. So if you're wondering when things will work out for you, keep trying, keep moving forward and looking for new ways to look at your challenges. Then breathe and know that it will happen when it happens and you won't want to change a thing when you see how it works out for you.

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